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Are you trying to maintain home electrical appliances? Then you need the best multimeter for electricians and also safety and high accuracy to measure electric units. Because without DMM an electrician is like a man without hands, you must say that a meter is the hand of an electrician.

An ideal meter must have to be protected with rubber on its body because it can drop and maybe it will break, so protection is very important.  After this meter has a kickstand or magnetic buckle for hands-free work.

These two steps are about the body of the meter, but for working the most important feature is the construction and extra advanced features that we will discuss in the next part because there are a lot of brands and a lot of models in the market so it is very difficult to select a meter according to their key features.

Features of Best multimeter for Electricians

First of all, the multimeter should be auto-ranging, because if you want to measure 2v it should be up to 2 v range and if you want to 20 it should be 20v range. And auto-ranging meters are auto change their internal range for measurement. These meters are very useful if you know how to use them.

More Working Features

After this, the meter should have an LCD backlight for work in a darker place, and the battery of the meter should be easily replaceable, the voltalert function can protect you from ghost voltages. The fuse protection system in the meter must be strong that can prevent the meter from high voltages and from the burn of the meter. The best meter must be 110v+ range. The meter should be measured in both AC and DC.

The beep system or alert system is one of the most popular functions in the latest technology meters, with the help of this function you can save yourself. Because if you can’t remember to plug in the jack in the right place then this system will alert you with the help of a beep or buzzer that you placed the jack in the wrong place.

The other feature is very effective for battery testing. The guy who always works with batteries must have this feature in his meter. Because this meter tells you about the health of the battery with the help of light. The three blinking lights can tell the health, strong, weak, normal.

Nowadays most meters have dual functions which are very useful for HVAC mechanics, with this function you can measure the temperature it means you can easily work in the field of HVAC. These all functions are very important for the best multimeter for electricians. Because without the functions you cannot work properly. After reading you can easily select meter and you can read our first post for more help or the best selection.

Best multimeter for electricians


Klein Tools MM400 Auto Ranging Multimeter

Klein Tools MM400

About Device

In other words, this is the best multimeter for electricians under 50$, according to budget, it is the better one because it has features for repairing and maintenance, like other costly meters.

It has a good capability to measure the voltage up to 600v AC/DC. And it also has the current range of 10A AC/DC. It has a safety rating of CAT III. In other features, it can measure the temperature, capacitance, and continuity also. During the work, if it will drop then it is safe because it has body protection around it. It is built to withstand a drop of 3.3 feet.

Another function of low battery indication makes it unique. The battery replacement system is very easy and reachable. In order to purchase a meter, you will get a pair of leads and also a user manual.


I will never talk anymore I just talk to the point, because our experience is that budget is first priority for any type of purchasing, so this is an affordable device, and you can easily use it for home or light industry use. Regarding protection, it is a very strong device.


  • Low budget
  • Under 50$
  • Best for beginners
  • A thermocouple is a unique option at this price
  • Low Battery indication
  • Easy reachable Battery
  • Haven’t true RMS value

Extech Ex330

Extech EX330

About Device

As claimed by the price range this device is very cheap and very easy to use. The built-in NCV function makes it different from all other devices. According to us except for some devices, no one device has this function at this price.

With the help of this function, you can easily check the availability of voltage without any contact. It is a contactless function and works on capacitive coupling.

For the multimeter highest reading it has Max Hold function and for freeze the current display it has a Data Hold option in it. It also has the CAT III safety standard. It has the extra feature of type k thermocouple probes. The body protection is important, so it has a protective rubber on it.


As stated by functionality this is a better one. NCV function is totally different from other devices. It is best for pocket use. You can easily adjust in the pocket. At this range of price, CAT rating makes it more valuable.

  • Max Hold
  • Data Hold
  • Easy to use
  • Low Price Range
  • NCV function
  • Best pocket multimeter
  • Haven’t True RMS Value
  • Bad display

Amprobe AM-570 Industrial Digital Multimeter with True-RMS

Amprobe AM-570

About Device

For use in any type of surroundings, this is a perfect device, it means for temperature measurement in the field of HVAC, and in the field of electrical and electronics.  The meter has a duplex thermometer for analyzing the distinctive temperature. It can take the measurement on variable frequency devices with the help of a built-in low pass filter.

For testing the electrical or electrical values like current, continuity, voltage, and resistance it is the best device.  This meter has the safety standard of Category IV/600V, Category III/1000V.

It has the option for true RMS value. The AM-570 is the device that competes with the other costly device and it also has a low price.


If we tell you about this device in short terms it is the device at a low budget that competes for the other devices, because it has all the features and also has the latest technology in it.

  • Auto manual Rang
  • CAT safety ratings
  • Led flashlight
  • Data hold option
  • True RMS value
  • Dual Thermocouple
  • Auto-ranging response slow
  • The slow rate of response as compared to others

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Fluke 101 best multimeter for electricians

fluke 101

About Device

If you want a multimeter from a good brand that can help you to save the consumption of battery, then this is the best device. Because it has the option of auto-shutdown with other functions. Which can save your battery, it also has a battery that is easily replaceable. This is the best device of fluke which is under 50$ because most devices from fluke are costly but it is low budget and good for beginners.

The accuracy of the DC voltage in this device is 0.5%. It has the option for data hold like other costly devices. You can test the continuity and another test also with a buzzer.


Because fluke is a famous and trust-able brand so if you are a beginner and want a good device that is durable so I suggest you can purchase this device. Because it is one of the best devices from fluke at a low budget for beginners.

  • Durable at this price
  • Analysis mostly test
  • Best for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • The safety rating of CAT III
  • Without Capacitance test
  • Just for beginners not suitable for industrial use
  • No backlight

Greenlee Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter

Greenlee Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter

About Device

It is the choice of amazon at a low price and also has all the functions like other costly meters, so you can select this one because it is best under 60$, this meter has the option of Auto-ranging at this low budget. But according to quality, it is not at the level of other devices, but according to price, it is the best. But the quality of the LCD is also low.


Best as claimed by the price but not best according to quality we suggest it for home-based electricians. You can easily perform all tests with this device. so if you have a budget then purchase another device and if you haven’t a budget then this is best for your home use.

  • Easily replace the fuse
  • Low budget
  • Auto Ranging
  • No proper backlight
  • Poor LCD quality

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best multimeter for electricians?

Fluke is the one and the only brand which can provide the best multimeter for electricians. Because an electrician needs a multimeter that has all functions, and you can get all these functions in fluke devices. According to us fluke 117 is the best multimeter for electricians.

What electrician does with multimeter?

An electrician can complete all his needs with the help of a multimeter, in other words, you can say that the multimeter is the hand of an electrician. And he can perform all basic and general tests. Like temperature, continuity, resistance, inductance, and many more.

Should I buy a clamp meter or multimeter?

If you want to measure the only current at the place where a digital meter can’t work like the place where you can’t open the terminal, you can use a clamp meter without any circuit disturbance.  But if you want all tests, so you should purchase a DMM.

How accurate is a clamp meter?

Because the clamp meter measures the amperes of a circuit with the help of electromagnetic waves, which generate during the passing of current in a core, so clamp meter is not probably accurate except at 10 amperes.  But if you wrap the turn of wires around the meter it may be more accurate.

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