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Need the Best Multimeter to determine the current and voltage of your home appliances like Air conditioners, fridge, television and many more don’t worry be a home electrician, and get a good multimeter at the cheapest price.

These multimeters are not only used for measuring the only current and voltage. these have a lot of functions like resistance, milli amp, inductance, and many more or these are used for installing devices at home and tell us wires are hot or cold.

For a long time, multimeters are changed and designers have changed many functions in it and these are easy to use in any application.

Best Multimeter
Best Multimeter

Best Multimeter

The Terminology of AC and DC

Ac stands for the alternating current which means the current will change the direction up and down 60 times in a second, mean it is not a smooth current. It means the frequency of current will not be the same, it may be negative or maybe positive at the next moment.

And the DC stands for direct current, which means the current will not change its direction and frequency will remain the same in one direction.Best Multimeter


The flow of electrons is called current.


The pressure between the two points is called voltage.


A barrier in the flow of current is called resistance.


The ability to store the charge is called capacitance.

Identity of Best Multimeter

A multimeter is a portable device for discovering the hidden fault of a circuit in fieldwork or at home very easily. It may be an electrical fault or maybe an electronic circuit fault it can trace out easily with very high perfection.

According to construction

Multimeters have a wide range according to function and price. According to price the laboratory calibrated devices are costly as compare to non-calibrated devices.  There are also two types of multimeters one is analog and the other one is digital.

Analog Multimeter

An analog multimeter is an old version of multimeters it having a needle on its screen to show the value of current and voltages. The accuracy of the analog multimeter is 5% as compared to a digital multimeter.

But after some time, the age of the meter affects the accuracy of the meter because the attraction of the coil is degraded with the course of time. The point values are not accurate because the needle doesn’t show the little amount as per digital screen shows.

Best multimeter

Digital Multimeter

A digital multimer is the latest version of multimeters and it has a digital numeric display on its screen and it is easy to display smaller values on-screen due to numeric display.

The accuracy of the digital multimeter is 3% less than an analog meter, but it is easy to read any type of value.

As compared to analog meter digital meter has a wide range of functions like temperature measuring thermocouple testing and it can measure the power level so that digital meter has a wide range of functions and also have high demand in the market.

Best Multimeter

Best Multimeter Under 50$


MSR-R500 is the best mini meter for measurements for electronic devices because it can easily measure the DC voltage and resistance also continuity diode, and it is also a transistor tester but it is not able to measure the Alternating Current. You can easily put it into the pocket.

It has big rubber protection with double insolation around it which will give it extra life and also safety to users. The wide range of LCD is made easy for readings and the LCD backlight makes it easy to work in darkness.

The hold key function makes it more valuable because using this key you can work hand-free because it keeps data while you record them.

The one more interesting thing is the low battery indicator which is a reminder to charge the battery which will protect against interruption in work. It is also having a good speed of sampling which is 2 times per second.

So, it is the best budget meter and has a lot of features.


This is a small multimeter on a low budget and has a lot of features. It has a good battery for a long time. it is good for every person, a beginner, or an expert.

  • Low price
  • Kickstand Option
  • Rubber Protection for long life
  • 1-year warranty
  • Low battery indication
  • Data Freeze Button
  • Good sampling speed
  • The easy Battery replacement method
  • Not for AC amperes
  • Only manual ranging

Best Multimeter


Mastech MS8268 Digital AC/DC Auto/Manual Range Digital Multimeter 

It might be possible that the Mastech MS8268 is not familiar with other voltmeters in the top-rated list but I am sure it is the best handheld multimeter if we compare the price.

Because Mastech MS8268 has a low budget multimeter but having all the functions for measurements that other multimeter can measure. If you need widely testing, it is not good for that, because it shut down automatically which is not good. But you can perform better for short tests.

The Mastech MS8268 having the latest function which never allows you to put test leads (probes) in the wrong jack during troubleshooting. it has a red-light blink and also having a buzzer when you place jack wrong the light will blink and the buzzer will start a sound for the reminder.

You can get better results because LCD having a backlight you can on this light for 5 seconds by pushing a button after 5 seconds it will automatically turn off which will allow you to save the battery. It is very impressive for a low-budget multimeter.

The battery of the meter is replaceable which is separate you can replace it easily and after 5 minutes the meter turn back off automatically which increases the battery life and you can work for a long time with a one-time charge.

You have two modes in this meter auto-ranging mode and manual ranging mode. And you have the option to select the mode. The dial of the meter looks good and different from other cheap meters.


If you desire a fantastic meter at a low budget you should select Mastech MS8268 because it has all the functionality of other high budget meters, and the buzzer and red-light blink make it incredible and different from other low budget meters.

  • LCD backlight
  • Alert system for wrong jack plugin
  • The easy battery replacement system
  • Low budget
  • Battery saving system
  • Not suitable for long tests
  • Auto shut off

Best multimeter

AstroAI Digital Meter TRMS 6000

The best multimeter ever according to price range. At this price, AstroAI has a big LCD with a backlight which allows you to read easily. It has the data hold option also.

The auto shut-off system will save the battery because it will automatically turn off which will increase the battery life and you can work a long time on a one-time charge. The other good function is the low battery indicator. Which alerts you about the battery. The continuity buzzer is also a good function.

The hanging magnet is an extra feature. you can work hands-free by hanging this and get results easily. The fuse system of the meter is better and it can save from overload.


This meter can handle long day work easily. it’s had all the abilities of Costly meters. it’s had double protection and having a magnet for hand-free work. This is the perfect meter at this price also the choice of customers. This is also amazon’s choice.

  • Low battery alert
  • Fuse system
  • LCD backlight
  • Protective rubber corner
  • Thermocouple
  • Picking up metal debris due to magnet

AstroAI Digital Multimeter, TRMS 6000


Etekcity MSR-C600 is a jaw opening clamp meter by this meter you can measure the AC current without any circuit disturbance and you haven’t need to put cables just open the jaw and put it around the cable. It has a data holding option also and having an LCD easy-to-read digits.

The sleep mode will help you save battery once you enter the button it will turn off automatically after 15 minutes.


Having a good measurement speed and good accuracy. It’s had a clamp and also having the option of leads you can measure with leads. If you have to forget to turn it off you just put the sleep mode button it will help to increase the battery life. It is an acceptable clamp meter but has a low resolution on screen and no backlight.

  • Measurement without circuit disturbance
  • Data holding option
  • Sleep mode
  • Leads option
  • Low resolution
  • No backlight

Best multimeter


Best Multimeter Under 100$


This is a fully safe and accurate designed device, best for beginners because it is a home use device, that can troubleshoot any industrial and home-based electrical problems perfectly. It is a basic device that can perform only basic tests, for that we called it is best for beginners.

There is a need to improve its quality control. Because its quality control is not good. But on the other side, there is another feature that is a large display with a color-coded LED is made it unique for quick check the battery.

The single setting resistance function made it safer for DC and AC. On the edges or corner of the body, the protective rubber made its long life and it will give protection to damage on drop by hand.

The color-coded LED is very useful for any type of battery testing. It tells more about battery life. There are three types of LED green yellow and red. This means the green signal shows the good life of the battery, the yellow shows the weak, and the white shows to replacement of it. Therefore, it is more useful for batteries and electrical circuits with one device double value.


It is also a good device at a low budget which has good body protection. The battery signal is unique in this, and it makes it different from all devices. It is a safer device for use at home or in the industry. But it needs improvement but according to the price, we can’t say it.

  • Battery testing
  • Kickstand
  • Auto Ranging
  • Protective body
  • Not for AC circuits
  • No backlight
  • No capacitance ranges

Innova 3320


Best Multimeter Under 150 $

Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter

Are you worried about troubleshooting at that place where a DMM is not able to measure? like tight cables? Now you haven’t need to worry about that because Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter is the solution to this problem. Clamp meters also used as a marine multimeters.

Now you can measure the Non-linear current (AC) around any cable through Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter. it is very easy you just have to open the clamp with a button and set it around the cable. After that, you will get excellent results. The bigger and bright LCD will help you get better results.


This device is very lightweight and easy to handle now you can easily check the current at the place where a DMM can never check. For a clamp meter, It’s a reasonable price.  if you want to compare according to price and quality then I will always say that Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter is the best multimeter at that price. Because it is the best choice you can check it. And fluke devices also famous in NZ.

  • Easy to use
  • 2 years warranty
  • Slim design
  • CAT III and IV safety ratings
  • AC DC volts
  • No LCD backlights


Best Multimeter


Best Multimeter Under 200

Fluke 115 Electricians True RMS Multimeter

If we compare Fluke 115 according to measurement speed with other meters then the decision is that Fluke 115 is the best. If we talk about handling or holding during work then this is the best portable and solid tool for electricians and electronic field workers. It is best for Gas engineer because you can check all about gas devices with this meter.

The bigger white screen allows you to work in a darker place and also gives you pure results. And the bigger digits are easy to read on LCD and the labeling on the meter is also allows you to read the functionality of every button for better work.

Another special function makes Fluke 115 different from other meters. when you calibrate any instrument with this meter if the simple beep will turn on it means the instrument is working properly. And no beep means there is a fault.

Otherwise, Fluke 115 works at auto-ranging. If you put current and forget to turn the dial to A(current) the meter will alert you through the buzzer in this way you can save your time. The voltalert system allows you to check the voltage without probes.


The handling ability and the according to body this is the strong meter. And this is also intelligent it can detect the error and alert you at your fault. The battery is removable you can easily replace it. The hanging magnet allows you to work hand-free by hanging it with a magnet.

  • Backlight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Beep alert system
  • Voltalert
  • Contrast issue from different angles
Best Multimeter


Best company

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter

Fluke devices are always top-rated to buy in Australia or anywhere. When you want to measure the exact frequency of any variable speed drive for a motor then obviously, you need the accurate device to measure.

Because if there is noise in the frequency signal or signal is high distorted frequency signal the speed will not be controlled. So, you should first measure the signal, the Fluke 87-V is a perfect device that having a low pass filter to reduce the noise. There is a built-in design low pass filter in DMM.

If you have a work-related HVAC or want to measure the temperature of any object then you have to need a separate thermometer. But fluke has solved this problem also. because this multimeter has a built-in thermometer that allows you to measure the temperature.

The Peak min/max value option made it unique and favorite in our list. Because using this function you can measure the minimum and maximum value of any signal, and also hold the value of the signal during measurement. The resolution of its LCD is very better than other meters it can display very small changes in the display.

You can easily turn on and turn off the LCD backlight by pushing a button in this way you also save the battery. And also get better results. The sleep mode is awesome because it increases the life of the battery because when you have to need you can hibernate the device which protects to replace the battery and you can save the calibration seal.


The devices of fluke are also recommended on Reddit. Because in the end, you must say it is the one top choice of an electrician and you should have this because it is fully automated and having all functions for an electrician or any HVAC mechanic. Because it is the best at this price. The battery life is very impressive you can work for a long time.

  • Built-in thermometer
  • Peak min/max value
  • Sleep mode
  • Long battery
  • CAT III and IV safety ratings
  • Frequency measurement for variable drives
  • Very expensive on our list

Best Multimeter


Best for Electronics Repair

Fluke 179 ESFP

This device is on the top in one of the Best multimeter brands, and very useful for industry users, also best for cars, it is a combination of two functions one is the digital multimeter and the second one is a thermometer means this is a combo device it is an electromechanical device.

The thermometer can measure the temperature of the thermocouple and other temperature devices also. The Display backlight makes it easier to read in darkness and it gives a better result at any time. This is an advanced device fully-featured that can troubleshoot any type of electrical and electronics circuit easily.

It is the best Multimeter for HVAC field and small places because it is a small device but having the functionality of bigger devices. So it is very easy to measure the frequency of any circuit also you can measure the capacitance. So, you can say it is safe and dependable.


The best tutorial of a combo device at the cheapest rate, because it has a lot of functionality and has a good display, if you want to do double work from one device then you should try this. The Fluke devices are the best choice on amazon, and also in India. It is true if you say it is the best in the world.

  • Probes
  • Full advanced features for electronics troubleshooting
  • Can hold out against surges or strikes from large motors
  • Thermometer
  • Alert system for the wrong plugin
  • 1nf capacitance
  • High price
  • No microamperes display

Best Multimeter

Best reviews

Fluke 117

The Fluke is the best manufacturers of multimeters. If you want to save yourself from ghost voltage then you should use the built-in function in this meter, which will prevent you always from ghost voltages. This device Has a large white LCD for better results in poorly lights places. The meter will select automatically AC or DC voltages.


You can use it at HVAC works also. Most people have said that it is an investment in accuracy. But with the help of the voltalert function, you haven’t worry to carry heavy tools for measurements. So you can work all with one meter. The battery life without lite is very impressive. The fluke 117 is the best automotive multimeter in Canada. But this is without milliamp.

  • Safe from ghost voltage (Voltalert)
  • White LCD
  • Auto-selection of AC and DC
  • No milliamp
  • No case


Best Multimeter


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest multimeter to use?

If you have read our topic in detail then you know very well that fluke 115 is best according to handling and holding. Because it is the best ever for beginners or experts. It has advanced technology in it. For more details read our topic you can find your exact answer.

What is a good multimeter for electronics?

  • Fluke 117
  • Fluke 115
  • INNOVA 3320

What is the best multimeter for electricians?

  • INNOVA 3320
  • Mastech MS8268 Digital
  • Fluke 117

What is a good cheap multimeter?

 The good cheap multimeter must have advanced features and also has a reasonable or affordable price. So if you ignore the cons in our list then according to price and features the Mastech MS8268 Digital is the best one but it has limited features as compares to the fluke product so according to price it is good but according to features it is a little bit not match to criteria.

Which brand multimeter is best?

According to our search, Fluke is the best multimeter brand, so it is a little bit costly but it has a lot of advanced features. According to quality, it is also best because the fluke products are always laboratory tested and also have a safety standard.

What does true RMS stand for?

The meaning of terms is the root mean square, the true RMS multimeter can measure ac current and also ac voltages.

Can I get shocked using a multimeter?

Yes, shocking can occurred during work, if you put the wire in the wrong jack it may because a transient outside the meter and it may be caused by a blast in the meter so be aware and choose a meter which has a protection system and also have a safety standard for this you can find it in our list.

How do you test continuity with a cheap multimeter?

  • First of all, turn the dial to a continuity test.
  • Then press the continuity button
  • Put blackjack and then red in the right place
  • If the meter beeps it means the path is complete and no beep means the path is not completed means no continuity.

Who makes the best multimeter?

  • Astro AI multimeter is the best overall
  • Fluke is the brand that makes premium Meters always.
  • According to the budget, INNOVA is the best brand ever on our list.

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