Best Water Softener for Well Water Buyers Guide

Is your home being in an industrial area, where you have to need the best water softener for well water? This is important in the industrial area. Because of the chemical waste of industries, which contains a lot of hazardous waste and poison in it.

This waste automatically mixes up with underground water and makes it hard. And you all know very well that hard water is not good for your health. So, the filtration of water is a very important part before drinking or for use in the kitchen and home.

The filtration will save your life and also your home appliances’ life. You haven’t need to worry about this, because we are here.  And we have some suggestions and also some water softeners which will prevent you from the effect of hard water.

How to Choose Best Water Softener for Well Water

The main issue which has been noted by the customer is the broken body and leakage of the water softener. This issue is caused due to hard water’s effect because if the hard water affects your home appliances then it is sure it may be damaging the body of your water softener.

But don’t need to worry.  We will prevent you from this issue and also guide you in choosing the best water softener.

Water Softening Technology for well water

Mostly well water is hardened than the other water in cities. And it also contains the extra mineral in it, which is most unsafe as compare to other water. Regular water softeners are always best for hard water.

The option of salt-free models is best if you have natural water, or you want to install a small system at your well water. For well water, you must have a need a filter system also. It means you should use a water softener with a filter system.

Components in Well Water Softener

The main components for a well water softener are below.

The Mineral Tank

The tank is the chamber, in other words, you must say that it is the body where the procedure of conversion from hard water to soft water complete. When water comes from the main pipe. It has been passed through the resin, and during the passing, the extra ions of calcium and magnesium will be stuck in the resin. And soft water will pass through your pipelines.

The Control Valve

By name, it is shown that the control valve is a part that will control the flow of water in the water softener system. The control valve has a digital meter on it. Which will measure the amount of water that passes through the tank of minerals.

The meter will also tell you the time of regeneration. It means it tells that it is the time for the regeneration of hard water.

The Brine Tank

The brine tank is a plastic tank, which is used in the washing procedure for a mineral tank. The brine tank is always full of sodium or salt. And when the minerals tank had been full of minerals, that tank collects from hard water during filtration. Then this brine tank is used for wash. So we can again use the minerals tank for filtration.

But it is unsafe for those peoples who are the patient for blood pressure because the extra quantity of 56sodium in the brine tank will cause blood pressure.

Whirlpool WHELJ1 Central Water Filtration System

Are you busy in your daily routine and are you tired from change the water filters of the water softener system, then use this softener system for your well water, because it is a unique softener that hasn’t required the replacement of filters every time. This device is very genius and has the ability to clean the filter automatically every 14 days.

You haven’t need to replace the filters for your whole life. With this device, you can get a great taste of water with great filtration by an automatic device.

It is a low budget, and it has also passed the NSF standard. It also has a bypass valve, which can bear the high pressure on your distribution lines, and give you pure filtered water on time for your family health.


Whenever you think about installing the water system at your home or anywhere, then whirlpool WHELJ1 is the bigger one in all other softening systems. It has a big advantage for its filtration system, which reduces its cost.

It is best ever for the entire house, and it has an auto cleaning system in it, which will automatically clean the filter every two weeks, and by this intelligent technology, you can drink healthy water and also save money and time of yours.

  • No extra cost for filters
  • NSF Standard
  • Auto-cleaning system for filter
  • Bypass valve
  • Auto reduce the taste of chlorine
  • No labor cost for installing
  • One-year warranty
  • Not suitable for industry or heavy containments
  • During flush waste of water is not good
  • Light weight


Best water softener for well water


APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Top Tier 5-Stage

If you have a very congested place in your kitchen, and you also have the problems of hard water in your area. And you are trying to search for a small and reasonable water softener, which can easily adjust under the sink, then APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Top Tier 5-Stage is the best for your whole house.

It has the 5 stages for filtration, and after the 5 stages of water filtration, you may not think that you have hard water.

It can easily produce 50 gallons of purified water in one day. The filter of this system is inside, and after this, we can fix the housing, so some of the water may be always stored in the housing, and cause of water it looks dirty.

As we discussed that it has 5 stages. The filter for the first 3 stages needs to replace it every 6 months, and the next two stages 4 and 5 need to replace after the duration of 2-3 years.


The wastewater which is wasted in the procedure of filtration can easily use for gardening and for other home use like washing and etc.

It is very easy to install the system without any help from labor, which means you can install it by yourself.  To change the filter there is no indication on the filter, for the change, you must perform the test on entering and exiting the water, so you can easily change the filter.

  • Very low budget
  • Faucet free from LED
  • 2-3 years life for filters
  • 1-year warranty
  • Low space for installation
  • No labor cost
  • Easy to install
  • USA based manufacturing
  • Too much waste of water
  • Haven’t UV light
  • Not easy to open for change filter
  • Low filtration rate on daily basis


Best water softener for well water


OneFlow + Salt-Free Scale Prevention and Water Filtration System

If you are a blood pressure patient, and you also have hard water in your area. Then no need to worry, because this is the best water softener which will soften your water without adding extra sodium into your water. Because sodium will cause blood pressure, so you can control it by using this device.

This device uses the latest technology TAC, through this technology this system has engaged the minerals from hard water and convert them into soft water.

The ONEFlow + is not like other water softeners, however, it is not a softener because it does not add any type of chemical. It has the latest scale-free technology in it, and it has worked without any salt.

It is a certified device from WQA and has the standard of NSF and ANSI.


As Onflow doesn’t use electricity, so this is an eco-friendly device, and that’s why it has needed very low maintenance. It is a genius device, and it will give you water in good taste and it also protects you from blood pressure. The cause of no salts and chemicals will increase the life of your appliances and other pipelines.

  • 2 in 1 scale prevention with filtration
  • The great efficiency of appliances
  • No cost for Maintenance
  • No cost for electricity
  • Easy to install
  • No labor cost
  • No salt and chemicals
  • Not applicable for heating water appliances

OneFlow + Salt-Free Scale Prevention and Water Filtration System



APEX Quality Countertop Drinking Water Filter – 5 Stage Mineral Cartridge

If you are tired from the smell of water then try this one. Because it will reduce the hardness of water and also finish the smell of water by removing the material which frequently creates the smell in your water. It will also add minerals that make your water softer and give you a good taste of drinking water.

The bottle for drinking water is the main part at your home, and it is costly for you, but wait, by using this filter you will get a countertop water filter which will like a bottle and by using this one you can save your money which you are spending on plastic bottles.


By the name, it is shown that it has 5 layers in it, and when water passes through these layers then it will become pure and fresh drinking water. It is a small filter and you can easily adjust it under the sink in a low space.

You can take a pH test of this filter. This is small, so you can easily install in the kitchen just in minutes, you haven’t needed any specialists for this. You can easily change its filter after 750-gallon water, and you can buy this online store. This filter has advanced technology in it, and you can get a great taste of water from it.

  • Thin and movable
  • Gives you a good taste of water
  • Easy installation
  • No labor cost
  • 5 layers
  • Need low space
  • Water flow is low
  • Need to replace filter early
  • Difficult to change the filter


APEX Quality Countertop Drinking Water Filter - 5 Stage Mineral Cartridge


Frequently Asked Questions

What water softener is best for well water?

There is some water softener which is the best for well water.

  •  Whirlpool WHELJ1 Central Water Filtration System
  •  APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Top Tier 5-Stage
  •  OneFlow + Salt-Free Scale Prevention and Water Filtration System
  •  APEX Quality Countertop Drinking Water Filter – 5 Stage Mineral Cartridge

Can you use a water softener with a well?

If you have a house at a place where most of the area is industrial, then it is confirmed that your well water has heavy containments. So, it is very important you have a water system for the filtration of your water.

What is better well water or city?

Well water is the best if you are out of the industry area. Because all the waste of industries has mixed with underground water, but if you are out of the industrial area then your well water will best in quality and taste according to city water, otherwise city water will best.

Does rain fill your well?

Yes, when it rains the rainwater can fill your well, and it may directly affect your well.


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