Why is My Shower Head Leaking?

All the problems with your home appliances, heaters, pipes, your body, skin, and many more occur due to hard water. If there is hard water then this is sure that you will face many problems. And if you have the hard water then you will think about the problems, and you will be disturbed with the unnecessary voice of tap water, that is leaking from your shower head, and that is the time when you will think that why is my shower head leaking?

why is my shower head leaking

Reasons Behind the leakage of Shower

A shower that is leaky all the time, can create many problems for you. You will disturb by the voice of tap water, and the water that is flowing will damage your bathroom floor, and if it is hard water then it will damage more. And the water will waste all the time that is also a loss for us. The showers are expensive and if you have problems with them all the time, then you must need to apply the best water softener shower head.

Why is My Shower Head Leaking

There are no big reasons behind the leakage of the showerhead. These are common reasons that occur due to hard water or maybe sometimes due to soft water.

O Ring and Seals

If you have soft water, and you have the problem of leakage of the showerhead, then it is the problem of usage. Because by the passage of time the inner material of the showerhead will break, like seals and o ring, etc. And the water will make a way through broken seals and o rings and will disturb you. The best way to solve it, you should open the faucet and replace the broken material.

If you have hard water, and you are facing the problems of leakage, and you have replaced and maintain the shower some time ago, then it must be the problem of minerals. The minerals in the hard water unit in the inner side of the shower, and by the passes of time it breaks the o rings and other material which is important for the shower. Sometimes the minerals block the wholes on the shower and it affects the pressure of water. So, you have to need a water softener for that. And if you haven’t the water softener then you must need to maintain the appliances that are water-based.

In some time if you do not repair the shower head that is affected with hard water, it will damage badly and create problems, also for your health and for your material. And you need to replace it because it will not work properly when the main body material will damage.


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